Problem playing 44/16 because the files are always upsampled at 44/24

Hello everyone. I’ve this strange problem.
The CD quality (44/16) files are always played in 44/24 format. Why?!
This is an image of my PCM Recorder Sony PCM D-100. Thanks in advance.

Technically, this isn’t upsampling: to convert a 16bit integer into a 24bit integer, you just pad with zeroes.

One possible reason for the bitdepth conversion is if you have volume-leveling (or other DSP) enabled. Then the conversion is

(*bit integer) → (32bit float) → (24bit integer)

I.e., whatever bit depth you started with, you end up with 24bit afterwards.

I have disabled alla DSP porcessing but I have no change in the word lenght.


The same occours with another kind of endpoint feeded via USB.


The point is that: why feeding the DAC with a 24 bit word lenght if the source is a simple 44/16?

I.e., it pads every 16 bit sample it receives with 16 additional zeroes. BFD.

What Nicola is complaining about is what gets sent down the wire. If Roon were sending FLAC down the wire, it wouldn’t matter at all (since they would losslessly compress to the same thing). But Roon sends uncompressed PCM down the wire and it’s legitimate to complain that it’s chewing up unnecessary bandwidth with this useless bit-depth conversion.

That said, 24/44 audio is very low bandwidth (compared, say, to streaming video), and unless you’re having trouble with dropouts, it’s probably not worth worrying about.

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