Problem playing high resolution files

Low res files play fine (using Qobuz) .but high rez files produce the error “playback was interrupted because a track failed to load”.

Have tried restarting Roon core.


I think you will need to fill in your system and network details to get assistance on this. There is a template… Good luck.

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Generally a network issue with these symptoms.
As Chris says, we will need some more details of your setup please to further assist you.
Core machine and specifications, remotes, wired or wireless etc


Hi, the Roon core and player are both running on a Mac Mini which has been working fine for months, so no resource issues. Single Ethernet connection through a GB switch to the router. Speedtest gives 100Mb/s download.

Standard res files play fine i.e. 44.1/16bit. Anything else, whether from Qobuz or off the NAS fail with the error reported earlier.


If I switch exclusive mode off, everything plays fine. Playback is via a Denon AVC-X3700X receiver.

The Mini is running Big Sur 11.6.2.


If I enable exclusive mode and manually select the audio format the songs will play, but Roon seems to have lost the ability to switch format whilst in exclusive mode.

In the Roon device setup window, channel layout is set to 2.0 and greyed out. Previously I’m sure I would have selected 5.1 as the receiver appears as a 5.1 device in Audio Midi setup. Odd.

I updated to 11.6.3 and the problem is now fixed. Exclusive mode is working and I can correctly set the channel layout to 5.1. Multi-channel and high resolution files playback fine as they did before.

Thanks all

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Unfortunately, the problem is not fixed. Roon seems to have lost the ability to switch the output device to the correct audio format. If I manually switch the format in Audio Midi setup the tracks will play though.


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