Problem playing MQA with Gold Note IS-1000

Has any Gold Note IS-1000 users this problem?
I have trouble playing mqa files with roon!!!
After updating through the GN Control app, my IS-1000 crashes every time i try to play mqa files. It loses wifi connection! I have to restart the amp to retain the connection.

Is this a problem only with Roon or also if you play Tidal separately? (Assuming that’s possible)

It is also the problem playing with Gold note control app,
The people at Gold Note are looking into it, and hopefully the will come up with a firmware update for the amp.

My Gold Note DS-10 is acting up also. I see it’s now certified but my Roon is crashing when it’s connected via USB or over network.

Fellas, I restarted the ROCK app on my NUC, then completely shutdown my DS-10. After that it no longer drops off after the latest firmware update. This was a week ago…so don’t know if Gold Note did something or if the restarting helped.