Problem playing music on my streamer


I want to use Roon shortly after buying a Bryston BDP3 streamer. I’m on QOBUZ.
I have problems when I use Roon. Indeed when the sound is in Hi-Res, the system does not work. I have a message (see attachment). In CD quality, I don’t have the same problem.
I don’t understand why. If I use Bryston’s software directly on the same computer, the music is broadcast without problem.
My computer is connected by an Ethernet cable, like my streamer, on the internet box.
If I can’t fix this, I should stop my Roon subscription.

Thank you for your answer.


Toulon, France

This sounds like an internet problem I am afraid.
Roon is a lot more bandwidth intensive than the standalone apps from Qobuz or Tidal say.
Can you provide a few more details of your network setup?

Check the IP addresses, are all your devices on the same sub net ?

Roon will only work when devices are on the same network

Your post doesn’t have an attachment BTW

Sorry. The attachment was a picture of the screen. It says: “Qobuz media is loading slowly. This may indicate a networking or connectivity problem”.

Thank you.

Well yes exactly.
So network details?
That’s about the only way forward to try and assist you right now.

My Internet box is connected to my network via an ethernet cable.
This cable is connected to a NETGEAR PLP2000-100FRS (CPL 2000 Mbps) which broadcasts information through the power grid. The computer and the streamer are connected to this system by ethernet cables.

All my devices are on the same IP address.

This is not ideal in the best case. Try a cheap long ethernet cable instead. If it works, you know that the problem is the network over powerline. The cable is so cheap it’s surely worth the saved time.

I use the same system with Bryston software without any problems. But I will buy a long ethernet cable to try your solution.

Roon is more demanding than some other protocols. (RAAT’s multiroom works so well because it controls timing very tightly with not much room for lost packets and higher than normal latency). Maybe it makes no difference, but then you have at least ruled out one possibility in a quick way.

Thank you for your advice.

Hey @Daniel_RAUCOULES,

I wanted to follow up on this thread to see if @AceRimmer and @Suedkiez’s tips have helped set your playback back to normal?

I’ll be monitoring this thread for your reply :+1:

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