PROBLEM: Roon core as Proxmox VM - won't shutdown


I can’t get Roon Server to run on a MacBook Pro M1 - it keeps crashing overnight and I’ve run out of patience trying to figure out why.

Plan B was to run Roon Core as a VM in Proxmox, which appears to be an improvement. After a week, it has not crashed, and response is quick.

However, now I have a new problem. As far as I can tell, it doesn’t not respond to VM server shutdown commands, which means it’s preventing my node from performing nightly backups of all of the VMs.

Before I abandon this as “too difficult” and go back to Tidal: does anyone else have any experience of running Roon Core this way, and a I missing a setting somewhere?


Hi @Richard_Lyon1

Roon doesn’t support running Roon as a VM so Mods have shifted your post to Tinkering. There are other users who have run Roon as a VM for many years and they may be able to assist.

Thanks Andy. “Tinkering” to Roon - “Running out of ways to get an extremely expensive alternative to Tidal running for more than 6 hours” to me.

I believe my friend has run Proxmox VM, so I shall ping him for you @ipeverywhere

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I have a rock as vm and it responds to a shutdown (I think it is in the end a stop…).
I did have same issue at first. Not sure what changed.
But to start I put in a shutdown timeout of 3 so it will not wait for the host timeout of 120 seconds.
I also tried for a moment a systemd oneshot script that can trigger the rock shutdown api.

Search for run-before-shutdown.service and in the exec use the “http://rock.local/1/poweroff” shutdown call.
(The systemd is ofcourse installed on the proxmox host)

That’s very helpful - thanks. I’ll work on that.

Does it have to be a ROCK VM?
I have it running in a Debian container without any issues.
Could you share your VM settings?

I’m running Roon (Rock) as a VM on ProxMox and have no issues with shutdown. I use PBS for backups and that is running on a older PC as bare metal. My backups run nightly without error even though I keep all VMs running while the backups are performed. I do question my sanity though as I probably have zero need to backup the Roon VM.

Thanks Robem. I just retested and pressing “Stop” … stopped the VM. I’m embarrassed - evidently some sort of transient issue in the Proxmox installation.