Problem Roon, Qobuz, Mexico (and also Brazil, Colombia, ...) [Activation in process - see Staff Post]

Yes, and this is false… I did favorite albums in the Qobuz app, and these favorites are not picked up by Roon…

In fact, Roon doesn’t pick up anything from Qobuz… no playlists, no favorite albums or artists or tracks… no new releases… nothing.

I think Roon has not added support yet for Qobuz in your country, not more complicated.

Why Roon must added support for each specific country I don’t know - quess this is connected to how Qobuz works.

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I agree. That is what’s probably happening.

So seems like login works, but retrieving music or lists of music based on category etc is not supported.

Exactly so… nothing except Qobuz login works in Roon…

The root cause of these reports will be related so I’ve merged them into one #support topic.


Somente para informar que tenho uma conta Qobuz em EUA, mesmo estando no Brasil. Funciona perfeitamente em Roon. Portanto, acredito que o problema não seja de qual país parte o acesso. A minha assinatura é nova, percebi que Qobuz preparou-se para o Brasil, já vi muitas coisas muito bacanas, fruto de um trabalho árduo de pré lançamento no país.
Então, o problema está na inscrição que é própria para cada país. Não demora e teremos uma solução.

Just to inform you that I have a Qobuz account in the USA, even though I am in Brazil. Works perfectly in Roon. Therefore, I believe that the problem is not which country the access comes from. My subscription is new, I realized that Qobuz was prepared for Brazil, I’ve seen many very cool things, the result of a hard pre-launch work in the country.
So, the problem lies in the registration that is specific to each country. Don’t delay and we will have a solution.

I’m sorry that you are all having issues here. When Qobuz initiates service to a new market they need to inform us of the change so that we can properly enable the service for Roon users. This is part of our license agreement with Qobuz and is a process which must be followed.

Unfortunately, we haven’t yet received this official notification from Qobuz. As soon as they provide the required information we will make the necessary changes and you’ll be able to browse and stream Qobuz content via Roon.


Hi, I just subscribed to Qobuz and made the login to the service inside Roon, but there’s no content in the playlists and nothing shows up in New Releases. Any suggestions?

Hi @Edu, from which country did you subscribe to Qobuz? There is a little group of other new Qobuz users from Latin-American countries where Qobuz has been recently made available who experience the same thing as you with Qobuz in Roon:

I have just submitted a Qobuz support request, asking them kindly to inform Roonlabs about the new countries where Qobuz recently initiated service.

And well, I would think that this topic should be marked as ‘solved’ as soon as we Roon users can finally access Qobuz content from within Roon.

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I just did the same thing. Hope they react to it fast.

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Same here, waiting.

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@AMP Legal clarification of the obligation to bring / collect is not customer-friendly. Act like the prudent customers below and speed up the process with. Thank you for this!

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Qobuz has finally delivered the updated dataset that we need in order to activate service in these new markets. We are in the process of updating our systems and service should be active in the next 16 - 24 hours.


That’s good news. Thank you.

Destaco que Qobuz me respondeu pelo Instagram:

Google Translation
I highlight that Qobuz answered me on Instagram

“Hello, it will work very soon with Roon, as we already work with them in our other territories, so it’s just a matter of time. We’ll let you know ASAP about this ;)“

Hi everyone. Qobuz accounts in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Columbia, Mexico, and Portugal should now work properly in Roon.


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