Problem since the new update


Since the update cannot connect to Qobuz (message: Network error).
In addition, the iPhone and iPad apps no longer work.

Roon Rock : NUC - Roon Optimized Core Kits (

Hey Philippe did you try to restart Rock, this might help.

Cheers John

yes restart Rock several times, clear remote controls and reinstall… and its the same :frowning:

OK, then you have to wait for support, I hope things will be fixed soon. As you know support wants to know how your network looks like etc.

HI Philippe,

Not roon support just a friendly user. The first thing I would suggest is to use a program like Fing, to see if the NUC is on the same network range as your iPhone and iPad. (i.e. the first 3 octets are the same, in your case 169.254.21.x)

Thanks for your help… Fixed, problem a box LAN jack