Problem streaming from Tidal

Been playing for hours to test RAAT with Devialet and everything has been working fine on local files and from Qobus. Logged on to Tidal and got dropouts on 44.1/16 after just a few minutes. I amp playing 96/24 from Qobus without any dropouts now. Tested line from isp and got full speed.


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Hi @ToreB,

Is this issue occurring only for the Devialet zone or for all of your zones (or even System Output)?
Has rebooting the Core helped at all with this issue?


I have enough getting my Devialet up an running, only 24 hours pr. day so I have not tested on other devices :slight_smile: I have have rebooted and restarted Roon som many time the last week, but I think I only have Restarted Roon several times after I logged on to Tidal again. There is a lot of variables, new ROCK, new router, new Roon Version 1.6 , RAAT and Qobuz.
I have now done a full reinstall av ROCK, so I will do some more testing.

Today Tidal has short stops when I stream ( 1/2 second. I’m logged in to both Qubuz and Tidal, and have restarted Roon twice today. Also had a stop on Qobuz. I read that other people @ devialetchat also having issues with RAAT and Tidal, and not with Air.

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