Problem streaming to Bluesound Pulse 2

Good evening @support,

I have a problem with streaming to Bluesound Pulse 2 speakers. I have left and right speaker grouped. With the Bluesound software on windows 10 the sound is correct, with Roon streaming to the grouped speakers the speed doesn’t stay the same speed. After a while there is some kind of echo, because one of the spreakers is faster than the other. I’m using Roon server on a windows 10 laptop.
Closing Roon and starting a new session is a solution, but there always comes a time the problem returns.

Hi @Nico_Schuuring ---- Thanks for the feedback!

Moving forward, to help aide in our evaluation of this behavior with the mentioned Pulse 2s, would you kindly provide the following:

  • An expanded description of your current setup using this link as a guide.

  • Please verify how the Pulse 2s are communicating with your network/Roon.

  • Please provide screenshots of the “playback” and “zone grouping” settings being used when the devices are grouped together in the application.


Hi Eric,

Thanks for your reaction.
I try to give you the information you ask.

Roon Versie 1.3 (build 276) stable 64 bit
Roon server on Windows 10 64 bit on Asus laptop with Intel i7 2,50 Ghz and 32GB ram.

Hi Eric,

Playing files from the X35 went good today until now. Now there’s the echo again.
Switching to Tidal to see if the streaming is good there, then the problem could be the X35.
On Tidal stream there’s the same problem. The right Pulse is just a litlle faster than the left Pulse.
Maybe something with a buffer that’s having to much data? I’m just guesing. Setting is 2048 MB
Clearing the cache doesn’t help.

Hi @Nico_Schuuring ----- Thank you for the follow up and providing the requested feedback, the insight is appreciated!

Moving forward, and my apologies for any confusion, but from your latest it sounds as if you are experiencing the mentioned “echo” via the TIDAL application as well. Can you please verify for this information for me as it is a bit unclear.


Hi Eric,
I think the problem is the distance between the left and right Pulse 2. I had a difference in the settings of the distance because the distance is not exact the same. Without setting a difference there’s not a problem in playing the tracks.
Still wonder why the tracks are playing well some time and after a while the setting of the different distance is causing a problem, not just from the start.

I have decided not to use the distance settings of the speakers anymore.

yes from Tidal as well, but see my message that handels the distance of the speakers. I’ts okay now without different distance setting

Hi Eric, from Tidal playing by Roon gave the same echo problem.

Hi Eric, I’m still waiting for your comment. In the meantime I have noticed there’s no problem if I don’t change distance of the Pulse 2 in the settings of Roon. But there’s is (I think) a problem with Roon with changing distance of speakers in the setting. It causes echo in sound.

Regards, Nico

Hi @Nico_Schuuring ----- Thank you for the follow up and my sincere apologies for the slow response.

Moving forward, as it currently stands you are experiencing this “echo” both in the Roon and TIDAL app. When you adjust the “distance setting” the issue stops. Where are you adjusting the mentioned “distance setting” between the Pulse 2 speakers?

Being as you have experienced this issue both in TIDAL and Roon, my assumption is that this is some kind of Bluesound setting. Please verify, thanks!


Hi @Eric,
Tidal is playing in Roon, so it’s not the Tidal app.

The echo appears in Roon when I play tracks that are located on the harddisk of the Cocktail Audio X35, but also in Roon playing tracks from Tidal.
The echo appears only when I set a different distance for the left and right Pulse 2. It’s in the DSP setting/Speaker setup. I have disabled the setting now and the echo is gone.

So my conclusion is: Speaker setup causes echo when the distance of the speakers left and right are different.
The strange thing is the echo doesn’t appear from start, but after playing some time.
If it’s something that is caused by Roon I hope it will be cured in the next version of Roon.


@Nico_Schuuring thank you for the clarification, and my apologies for the any confusion on my end. I clearly did not drink enough coffee today :dizzy_face::face_with_head_bandage:

Moving forward, I am going to be touching base with the team to get some feedback on this behavior you are experiencing when you have the mentioned Pule2s grouped together. In light of this can you please provide me with the following screenshots:

  • Your signal path leaving the application when you notice the “echo”.

  • The settings being used in the DSP engine when the “echo” occurs.

  • The "playback"settings being used with the devices as well as the “zone grouping” settings.

Many thanks!

@Eric, I had cleared the different distance setting and had no problem after anymore. To give you the information you asked I activated the different distance of the grouped speakers again. Playing music now a couple of days and no problem so far, no “echo” . I don’t know why it’s gone, but I’m glad it is :slight_smile:
At the moment the problem is gone and I can’t give you the information you asked, When the problem appears again I will update this conversation. Thanks for taking the problem serious. Nico

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