Problem - updating - Roon 2.0.12 and ARC 1.0.33 are live! [SOLVED]

Is this a known problem?
How to fix it?

Reboot of Rock for new update did not solve the problem
Playing music (tidal and qobuz) is fine, so there should not be any internet connection problem

Try to turn off/on your NUC manually.

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Haha - great idea
After manual POWER OFF/ON update works as designed

I have never had such a situation in my life that reboot does not work but power off/on works

How did you have this great idea?

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Glad it worked! Had a similar problem myself, Roon support suggested the solution, so can’t take the credit for that.

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i turned off/on the NUC manually.
After that ARC worked properly again.
Greats from Switzerland