Problem using focus to narrow down to compilations

I just tried to use the focus feature to narrow the albums down to compilations (“various artists”).

I am in album view. All of the “various artists” are grouped under V, rather than by album title (as in the settings). There’s a few hundred of them.

When I go to focus, performers and select “various artists”, only one album appears in the results (which is also a compilation).

Why just the one hit?

“Various Artists” isn’t a performer, it’s a whole class of albums. There are a number of ways an album could end up displayed in Roon as “Various Artists” but generally speaking, “Various Artists” should never show up as a performer or artist.

The performer focus feature filters albums based on the people who have performed on them. In most cases, the person listed as the album’s main artist will also be listed as performing on the album, but obviously that’s not the case for Various Artists, since it’s not actually a person! Hopefully it doesn’t seem like I’m being pedantic about this.

Anyway, to get back to your original question of how do you find the albums – in the rare cases when I want to focus on my compilations, I usually just press the slash key and filter for V-A-R.

Generally, when I want to find a compilation, I’m not using Focus, but you’ve got me wondering if we can do better here. As anyone on our team can tell you I’m pretty serious about compilations, with over a thousand in my personal collection. Because I have so many, I just keep them sorted by title so they’re easy to locate. If I want the Pulp Fiction soundtrack (or one of the Eccentric Soul discs), I just type P-U-L (or E-C-C), and the album browser jumps right to it.

Let me know if that answers your question, or if there are other Focus options you would want here. I don’t think Performers is the really the right place here, but focusing on compilations does seem reasonable to me.