Problem with a live radio station Pittsburg Jazz station WZUM


Not sure if you can assist with this questions, but I will give it a go.
I am a long time listener of the Pittsburg Jazz station WZUM. Recently,
the station was experiencing technical issues and was off line for a few
days. Now that the station has resumed streaming, I am able to listen
through my home computer, but not able to use ROON to provide the
music to my HiFi system. When using the preset on the amplifier or the
live radio on the ROON homepage the following message occurs:
unavailable, the station may have a new address or is having technical
difficulties. Since the station is available by using my home computer, but
not through the ROON core; I am at a lost for a solution. Any thoughts or
suggestions? Kind regards, Jim

Hello @james_King1 , I’ve updated the streams. Try now.

Yes, it works now. Thanks for the quick fix

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