Problem with Allo USBridge and T+A DAC8, recent kernel needed

(Steffen KrĂĽchten) #1

Hi, I bought an Allo USBridge with DietPi. I have heavily distorted audio on output via Roon, especially with higher sampling rates.

Due to a known bug in older kernel versions my T+A DAC8 needs at least kernel 4.9 or greater. It has a Tenor TE8802L USB chip and that has been fixed in recent linux kernel versions but is causing problems like the one I described in older versions.

Unfortunately dietpi is still on an older kernel. I treid with volumio, but volumio for sparky is also on an older kernel since they dont update as regularly as for raspberrypi. I then tried with a raspberry pi and RoPieee and that worked flawlessly since it had kernel 4.1.4. Unfortunately no RoPiee for Sprky as of yet :-(.

So to use my USBridge I need to update the kernel to a more recent version, can anyone help on how to do this or has had similar problems with roon and a SBC (Raspi, Sparky, etc.) and can help?

I know my way around linux a little, so commandline is not a problem. Please help, i am stuck here with a device with no use to me here.

Please help, Steffen

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Could we go back on topic? Don’t care about avatar, just changed to standard… Any ideas on the actual problem?

(Pawel Walczak) #7

Allo was asked about this old kernel for Sparky before. They are aware, but there was no answer when the new kernel will be ready for Sparky. I am afraid there is no workaround for now.

(Dick Vliek) #8

Maybe not the answer you are hoping for, but patience will do it. Harry is working on a ropieee version for the usbridge/sparky

(Steffen KrĂĽchten) #9

Yes, I know. He commented on another thread about the status and that he is still working on it.

Allo just informed me via email that they have updated the usb-driver with a patch for my T+A DAC8:

I will test shortly, maybe this fixes my problems and there is no need for a newer kernel. I will report back in case others have similar issues.

(Steffen KrĂĽchten) #10

So any update on this @spockfish? I am sad to report that has not been able to fix this problem with a usb-driver patch. I would be willing to sponsor the development of a ropieee for sparky, since it seems to be a problem finding a linux device with recent kernel except RPI3.
I have also owned an SMS200 by SOTM and it has the exact same issue with an ancient kernel being the source of the problem.

(Harry ten Berge) #11

No sorry.

As long as Allo does not provide a recent kernel then this will not work.

(Sean) #12

The last public update was in February, that efforts were underway.

Since it’s been 5 months since the February update, maybe @ALLO_audio_boards give an update?

Any closer or are things proving difficult for actions-semi?

I would imagine a lot of testing would be required before any release.

(Harry ten Berge) #13

I wouldn’t count on it.

The link those guys provide to the open source part (which they are required to do so btw) is pointing to a gambling site…

And their latest news is from 2015.

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(johan ) #14

Sorry no update. Actions Semi is responding sporadically . We wont be doing business in the future if that continues

(Sean) #15

Appreciate the update.