Problem with alternative versions

I’ve tried to create 3 alternative versions of the same albums using 3 ripping conditions. Two of the 3 versions (“As Is” and "Perfect Mode"are not linked to the right folder based on the path given (see screenshot in the attachment)

Hi @Janos_Farkas ---- Thank you for the report and sharing your observations with us, both are appreciated!

Moving forward, could you please perform the following:

  1. Make sure you have the “show duplicates” setting, active in Roon.

  2. Create a new “tag” for each one of these albums, something like “test” should suffice.

  3. Once the tag has been created and attributed to all three versions of the album in question, navigate to tracks and select the tag being used.

  4. Once you have all 40 tracks listed, please enable the “paths” field via the drop down tree on the far right hand side of the screen.

  5. Once the paths are revealed, can you please provide a screenshot highlighting this information.


Eric, thank you for your reply. After spending substantial amount of time I am embarrassed to say that can not find how to ‘enable the “paths” field via the drop down tree on the far right hand side of the screen’. Could you please attach a screenshot pointing me to the menu you have mentioned.

P.S. In the setting menus I also cannot find where to activate/deactivate “show duplicates”, however duplicates are showing up in the track display

This article should help.

The duplicates setting is on the General tab of Settings, but it’s actually called “Show Hidden Albums”.

Hope that helps!

Mike, thank you for the clarification.Enabled “Show Hidden Albums” also enabled path field (see screenshot).

Eric, the area I took the original screenshot from is still the same. Not sure what area you want me take the screenshot of.

Hey @Janos_Farkas – I think I have an easier way forward here. Go ahead and follow Eric’s instructions here:

And at this point, just select all 40 tracks (as explained here), then click the Export button:

Then, the Export To Excel button:

Once, you have that Excel file, @Eric is going to provide you a way to upload it to us so we can take a look. Stand by!

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Hi @Janos_Farkas – we took a look at the list of files and it does seem like something has gone wrong with how these files have been grouped into albums.

From what I can see you have 3 versions of this album:

  • The “As Is” version - 10 tracks
  • The “Jason” version - 15 tracks
  • The “Perfect Mode” - 15 tracks

So, it looks liek for some reason the files are mixed up in your library, and while I’m not sure how that happened, it should be easy to fix.

What you’ll want to do is go to the track browser, use the Paths column to find and select each group of tracks, click Edit, and finally click “Group Tracks”.

You should end up with three editions of this album that match the bullet points above. If you need any further help with that, please let us know. Thanks!

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Thank, you the procedure you described worked. FYI As is version has only 10 tracks because in the ripping test we did was not able to read the rest of the 5 tracks

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