Problem with andriod phone/Roon remote

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Description Of Issue
Good morning, I have a problem with Roon remote and my Android phone, and it is that all the screens and functions work fine, except the screen of the current playback, that does not work and I get a message that says that there is no song playing when yes it is doing.

Hello Jose and Welcome to the Roon community.

Can you verify the remote is showing the zone that is playing the music? With multiple zones configured It is possible to have the music playing on one zone with the remote pointed to another.

Hi @anon31994988 — Thanks for reaching out!

As Mike mentioned above, Roon allows for management of multiple “Zones” at the same time. It’s possible that you’re looking at a different Zone that doesn’t have playback active at that time even though another Zone is playing.

If you switch Zones do things look okay for you?

If not, can you share some screenshots of what you’re seeing?


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