Problem with artist/album artist identification

Thanks danny. How do I change the “main performer” in Roon - I can’t find this option.

I read the response differently. I think Danny means, in your files tags, not in the Roon editing layer.

We don’t allow editing of the “objects” in Roon metadata yet. Things like Works, Composers, Performers, etc… none of the links between items can be manipulated in this editing release.

This editing release exposes the 3 layers and the fields where the values can be typed in one simple field. The more comprehensive editor will come later.

If you want to change the main performer’s name, visit the main performer and edit their name.

… visit the main performer and edit their name.

pictures large lantern jawed thug standing over anxious musician scribbling out a deed poll: “cos Mr Extracampine’s tags won’t make sense ovverwise and we don’t want him to get upset now do we … ?”

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Lol@andybob. That conjured an interesting image. I’m not sure if that’s what Danny meant :smiley: or was it? I’m actually not too sure. Either way, I’m glad Danny that you mention a more comprehensive editor coming later, sounds great.

I’m still struggling with this. How do I change the “main performer” tag? I opened the files in Mp3Tag, but didn’t see the main performer field listed.

One of my artists seems to be split into 2, with 2 albums under 1 version and 1 album under the other. They both have the same name:

Why are they separate, and how can I group them together?

I have renamed the Artist folder name in my store. You can always change it back.
Example, Otis Lee Crenshaw and the Black liars was changed to Otis Lee Crenshaw with the Black Liars.
That’s comedian Rich Hall’s band if you didn’t know.

All artist folders have the same artist name for this band though.

Have a close look at genres and make sure they are the same.
I have fixed some of these in my collection, but others remain persistent like yours.
You could try adding the same artist image to both artists.
Just clutching at straws, but worth a try.

Thanks Chris - but even the 2 albums that are group together have slightly different genres. I genre’d the 3rd one to match one of the two grouped ones, but no difference.

Also, neither of them have any artist image set (see above).

A you can add artists images, the bigger files the better as they go ‘Cross Screen’. Worth having a play as it’s fun and may help so not a waste of time.

One I added Earlier on my Galaxy Tab A. The Rosellys recorded live at the Little Rabbit Barn

I just tried setting the artist picture as the same for each - but no change, they are still listed as separate artists.

Worth a try but at least the pictures can look cool. I am out of idea’s but perhaps the next upgrade will resolve it. If I think of. Anything more, I’ll chime in again. Chris

Thanks anyway Chris. Maybe one of the devs can comment?

I’m having the same problem with the same artist. I’ve tried everything I can think of and I can’t get them to show up as one artist.

danny, mike et al - any solution to this?

I have the same problem with Academy of St. Martin in the Fields. No way to merge 3 albums; one of them appeared under a separate file

Hey guys – can you let me know if these albums are all identified, unidentified, or if they’re a mix of unidentified and identified albums? (Unidentified albums will say Unidentified under the release date.)

Keep in mind that in 1.1, many fields can be edited and you can choose to display tags or edits in place of the metadata that Roon retrieves automatically.

That said, the rich metadata links that are unique to Roon (including album credits, composers, work information, and a few others) are not yet editable, and for many albums that will include the main performer links.

It’s easy to think of these as simple text links, but when an album is matched by Roon, a connection is made to the artist’s page that is central to the album’s identity in our database, and editing these links is beyond the scope of this first round of editing functionality.

Right now, if unidentified albums aren’t being tied back to the right artist, the best thing to do is to use the Identify feature to link them back to the correct artist in Roon’s database. For unidentified albums, you can edit tags to match each other, but keep in mind that there’s a lot of subtlety once you start mixing unidentified and identified albums.

With me they were identified, one linked to asian typing, the other to western typing.

Thanks @paaj – would you mind posting a few screenshots of the album screens?