Problem with Artist/Composer presentation

I don’t know how to solve this question:
I have a complete album plus one tracks on ather album and 16 tracks on a third album whose composer is Allegri
When I look for Allegri as a composer i have this:

this hows only 2 albums
when I look it as Artiste I have this:

this shows only the third album, Why isn’t he on the first screen?
the tags for all are the same: primary artist: Albinoni

Hi @Alain_Teillac,

Can you share some screenshots of the album that appears under the Performer section for this composer?

I shaw the second album, but it doesnot appear any more ???*

Hi @Alain_Teillac,

In cases where the composer is listed under the composer is listed as the Album Artist on an album instead of as a composer, this will result in the behavior you’re seeing. You’ll want to make sure that the appropriate composer credits are applied instead of listing the composer as the album artist.