Problem with build 276 and/or Windows 10 Creator Edition?


my system is configured as follows:

  • Windows Headless Core on a Windows 10 laptop
  • two Bluesound Node 2 Output Devices
  • Roon Remote on iPhone 7
  • Roon Remote on Windows 10 Microsoft Surface

The Microsoft Surface has been giving me problem since last week. I’m not sure if it happened when I updated Roon on the Surface or when I updated Windows to the “Creator Edition”.
Point is, now every time I close Roon on my Surface, it won’t start again unless I reinstall it. If I try to start it, nothing happens.

Again, the problem is only on the Surface which I use as a Roon Remote Control (among other uses).
Every other component of the systen is working fine.

Any suggestion?

Try the 32bit version of Roon on your Surface… this may be the Intel Graphics driver/Open GL issue biting your Surface…

Uninstall the 64bits version of Roon from your Surface, but select the “leave database and settings” option during the uninstall. Then install the 32bits version.

It may also help to look into Task Manager when you close Roon remote (if it fails to start up back again). Occasionally some programs hang when closed and continues to run in the background. So when you reopen it, nothing happens. Manually terminate it from the Task Manager and then reopen it. Of course this does not solve whatever the underlying problem is but it saves you the pain of uninstalling and then reinstalling.

I tried the 32 bit version, and for now it’s working well, as long as I don’t update it when the update window pops up.

Is this the Roon update window? If so, you should let it update to the latest build of Roon. It won’t change from 32bits to 64bits as a result of the update…