Problem with Compositions and Qobuz

If I search for “Così fan Tutte” and select the composition “Così fan Tutte” under the Qobuz tab I get 533 entries purporting to be Così fan Tutte. But most are not. Most are a single track - an aria or excerpt or overture from Così, and an individual album may appear ten times, once for each aria. So if you want to find full performances of Così you have to plough through 533 entries which is extremely tedious. roon knows what a composition is, surely it could offer some way of discriminating full compositions from excerpts.

I did the search and the results were:
Top result was the only Così fan Tutte album I have
Artists - Così fan Tutte (that’s rubbish obviously)
Albums - Così fan Tutte - if you are looking for the full album wouldn’t you look in here?

I know very little about Classical users usage so asking out of ignorance.