Problem with covers


I am happy owner od Roon software. Its really best player for music lover :slight_smile:

But i have a little problem with covers and lagging on my Lenovo X230. Core is on another PC with 2 SSD and nice rest hardware but sometimes i want to use my notebook for control what im listening. On my X230 i have laggs, covers loading so long and i cant use it. Its not a frash notebook but 4 GB ram, SSD, fast internet connecion (cable, wifi i checked both).

Sorry for my poor English :slight_smile:


Hello @Lukasz_Lukasz,

Can you describe your setup and network topology in details using this FAQ as a guide ?

Do you have other machines which can be used as a Remote client. If so, have you tried to run Roon there ? Are you getting the same issue? ( just trying to understand where the problem lies)


what version of Roon you are running
What operating system you are running
WIN10 PRO 64 on both computers
Basic information about the device you’re using
PC CORE connect to SOTM SMS-200
i7 4790K
SSD Samsung 850 Pro software
SSD Crucial M550 music files
Lenovo X230 CONTROL
SSD Samsung 830 software (no HDD or other SSD)
Old smartfone NEXUS4 as CONTROL works with no issue
Describe where your music is stored
PC CORE on Crucial SSD
Let us know your collection size
8762 tracks 80 % are FLAC/WAV/AIFF
Internet connection lan cables 60 MBIT

Dont have another machine to test it. This notebook works pretty well.

Hi, @Lukasz_Lukasz, thanks for the information you provided and your feedback, could you please send logs as described here, via dropbox or a Gdrive, so we can see what may cause this kind of a bad performance? Thanks!