Problem with crackling while playing music

I have installed Ropieee on Pro-Ject Stream Box S2 Ultra. Since several versions I have a problem with crackling while playing music. When playing PCM signal, it is like crackling, while with DSD the music stops for a while and then plays on. This is further intensified when Ropieee saves configuration changes (after commit from Ropieee GUI) or downloads an update, which indicates the cause somewhere around the USB port, memory/CPU support. Is it possible to downgrade the kernel itself to some specific version?

Same here. Thought I was listening to vinyl again. Annoying. I updated Ropieee and it took out the USB wifi support. I can only connect via ethernet, now. Gotta send the feedback info to see what’s up.


Once I get it working again, I’m not updating for ANY reason.

I think I have solved my problem. I forgot to write earlier that it was about using HQPlayer NAA transport. After setting “Buffer time” in hqplayerd parameters to 10ms, crackling disappeared. There are also no interruptions in DSD signal playback.

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