Problem with DB earlyaccess version on mac mini after NUC issue - no such version for mac?


My NUC Roon Core failed and I’m going to send it to service (3 orange blinks and restart - sth wrong with mainboard I guess) for the time being I installed Roon Server on my mac mini and… I got “This version of Roon is not compatiblewith your database”.
I returned from holidays and I created backup 1Nov as I can see by 2.0 1145 earlyaccess version. How I can download earlyaccess for my mac to use this backup? I forgot to switch to stable because Im not fan of using beta versions but now I just want to get my database back :slight_smile: I suspect maybe todays release (8th) can be compatible but I’m not sure…
Im albo not sure when my NUC will be fixed - it can take some time :confused:

@Wojtulek, I moved your post to the Early Access Testing category.

B1149 was released today, you can find download links here:


Thank you Robert! :slight_smile:
It solved my problem indeed - I can go sleep now (1:15 AM) :smiley:

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Enjoy @Wojtulek!

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