Problem with dropouts on Ropieee

My first post here, so please be nice! :slightly_smiling_face:
I have used Roon for a couple of years now. I love it. It just do what it should without any problems.

I have recently bought a Roon Rock device and also a LPS to it. I was curious about the Raspberry as a endpoint and got me one of those. I use it in a Akasa case and have a lps from Douk Audio as a power supply. I got it running yesterday. And so the problem started.

I use a Esoteric K-07 as a dac.

When playing especially high rez music I got dropouts when using the asynchronous high speed usb mode on the Esoteric. All works fine when using high speed usb mode without the asynchronous option.

The Pie is a Raspberry Pi 4 Model B Rev 1.5. And it is connected to the network with cable.

I have tested different usb cables on both usb 2 and usb 3 ports without any sort of improvement.
It´s just frustrating.

Any idea where to start looking? All was just hunky dory with my windows htpc as a endpoint. Sounded great to.

Best Regards, Jorgen

Hi Jorgen,


Can you send me feedback? You can find that option on the ‘advanced’ tab in RoPieee’s web interface.


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Thank You for your reply.

026c439d4878fd6b was my identifier.

yeah that was short :wink:

Send me feedback after a certain amount of playing audio and when you encounter dropouts.

Hehe, I have rebooted both the ropieee pie, the nuc rock and my router.
But when playing high rez Qobuz files when using the asynchronous mode it is unplayable. Doesn´t matter which material that I choose. When using the high speed usb mode without the asynchronous option everything is ok. I will try a couple songs to confirm this.

That’s clear, but I need feedback that actually contains a ‘catch’ of one of those drop outs.

And furthermore, have you tried local content (vs Qobuz)?

I am doing tests on the fly as we speak. High rez 88khz and above there is a distorsion in the sound. I don´t know if I can call them dropouts because the music doesn´t clip out. It is rather a distorsion.
Cd quality is fine both with local files and Qobuz. I do not have much high rez in my library but I found a Dire Straits album and the result is the same as with the Qobuz high rez.

A new identifier. 588121d577896ddc

Basically nothing to see. I’m afraid this is an Esoteric issue. Do they have firmware updates?

I don´t know. Must look at it.

I really appreciate that you took the time to help me with this issue. Thanks a lot!

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My Ropieee XL Roon can not find soon after play back starts 1st Roon End point goes then squeeze box

comes back sometimes, or just the squeeze box goes again less than a minute after play back starts.

Can not get access on the network to Ropieee using http://ropieeexl.local