Problem with DSP (DSD conversion -> PCM-DSD) after upgrade (204) SOLVED

Now I have very quiet sound with artefacts after upgrade (before everything works perfect). Ofc I restart Roon, restart Core (iMac i7 with Core, play music from Tidal and own lib. on NAS Synology), but nothing changes. My settings in DSP panel: DSD128 or 256, minimum phase, 5th order). I change this on different settings too but no fix.

So, I can enabled DSP (crossfade for example), but conversion didn’t work at all. My DAC now show PCM not DSD on screen, so like I said below.

Oh shit, after DSP off also Roon not working with pure DSD signal! No sound, only hshhhhhhh.

…and SOLVED - after 2 reboots DSD alive on Core. Strange issue, I think that OS (sound config / Midi panel) work unstable on newest version of Apple software. It’s sad, because that is not first time (on 10.12) when something with sound isn’t right. I have some problems with thunderbolt interface (audio - TAC-2) too. Before 2nd reboot I change source to Vox Player and DSD not played correctly. I check also different zone with Korg DAC (DSD) with PC (Bridge), and It works perfectly. So no Roon issue, but Apple issue here.

After investigation… very propably culprit is sleep mode on macOS. Occasionally I had problems with Roon and sleep mode i.e library must be reidentify, but now It even worst like I sad on topic (DSD dead). So Apple do some fixes now!