Problem with Dynamic Range and DXD File

Here is a mystery, I believe it to be a core Roon bug, but am willing to be proven otherwise.

I purchased a DxD version (24/352) of Alan Parsons Project ‘I Robot’ album. When put into my Roon library and replayed through Roon, it is incredibly quiet (low volume), to the point of almost being impossible to hear. I don’t get this when I play the file through other non-Roon systems. Furthermore, the calculated DR in Roon is only 4.

As an experiment, I used DBPOWERAMP to downsample the files and create a 24/192 copy. As you can see from the image, Roon recognizes the 192 version as having a DR of 13. I also tried using DBPOWERAMP to create a resampled copy at the original DxD resolution, this version still showed a DR of 4 and played too softly to enjoy.

I’ve checked the obvious – volume leveling, etc. all seems in order. I suppose I would start with the obvious mystery, why does Roon compute the DR of the DxD version as 4?

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