Problem with filtering in Tags


Problem description: a tag consisting only of tracks does not allow for further filtering.

Situation: collection of over 300 songs of a single artist spread across 20+ albums. Some of the titles got liked over the years with the ‘heart’ symbol. Now, I wanted to explicitly listen to all songs without being marked with ‘heart’.

What I did:
(1) goto all tracks
(2) set the focus to the artist. Hence, all titles being selected (with heart and without heart)
(3) add a special tag to all selected titles
(4) add all titles into a new special playlist

Here comes problem 1: in playlists, I can’t filter anything.

Then, I moved over to the tags section and selected the newly created tag consisting ‘only’ of tracks. Instead of displaying a list with all tracks (for further filtering), a view of albums is displayed. For every title in an album, the same album is repeatedly displayed. No further filtering is possible.


  1. Any suggestion, how I can select songs from an artist, which are not marked with a ‘heart’?
  2. Is there a way, I can apply filter to tagged titles?


Just to let you know that I’ve moved your post to the #roon category of the forum from the #support category, since it’s a “how do I do this?” question rather than asking for support on a technical issue/problem…

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Here is a workprocess that can achieve the desired result

As an example I will make a book mark of all non-hearted tracks of Alisson Krauss

Goto Track View

filter on the intended artist:

filter on the ‘heart’ symbol

this results in 3 tracks(in my case):

Select the resulting tracks

Create a new tag:

Do not forget to click Save

now unselect ‘heart’

Now Focus on Tags

Select the tag you just have created, in my case ‘KraussHearted’
and reverse the tag:

This results in the desired result: all unhearted tracks of the selected artist

If you would like to come back to this artist later, it is best to create a bookmark for this view:

give the bookmark a me (e.g. KraussUnhearted) and click save

If you now later select bookmark ‘Kraussunhearted’ , then you have immediatelly the ‘unhearted’ tracklist.
This also works dynamic! If you choose to heart another track from this artist, it will automatically be removed from this list, without any user intervention.

Hope this helps. Maybe it can be done in amore efficient way but this is what I come up with for now.

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You’ve made my day!
Roon-team: wondering, why this has to be so complicated;-)

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Hi Stefan

Thinking this over, it is probably easier to make a bookmark for all unhearted tracks (as I explained), and then use filter to select the artist you want to listen to.
This way you only have to do the procedure once, and you can reuse it for every artist.
Saves quite some work


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How does the “KraussHearted” tag get applied when you heart a new track? Wouldn’t you have to tag the hearted track?

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Hi Paul

You got me here, you will defnitely need to manually tag the hearted track, at the same time you heart the track.

Fortunately, if you do, then the bookmark keeps doing its job


Even better! Thanks, it works perfectly for me!

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