Problem with Firmware Version 3.004?


I have two Pi’s running RoPieee. One of them is working great on Firmware 2.566. Due to it’s location within my house/ecosystem, it has permanent access to hardwire ethernet.

The other runs on WiFi, and this morning I went to use it and couldn’t find it within Roon. So I took it downstairs and put it on ethernet… I’m able to load the page and see the device and settings… but it’s been telling me that “Update is being downloaded… Do not turn the device off!” for more than an hour now… and it’s on hardwire ethernet right now.

And, perhaps most importantly, it’s running 3.004 while the one that’s working great isn’t?

Anybody have any thoughts on what to do to fix this?

P.S. any Americans ever donated to the project? When the page loads it requests donations in Euro’s. I’m fully capable of googling the conversion rate, and I’d love to donate to the project… but are their any catches other than a 1-to-1 conversion of the amount of US dollars I’d like to donate (converted to Euro’s)?

Logs sent this morning. Identifier Number 153f85164f4628b3.

Unit spent the entire day yesterday plugged in and connected to ethernet and still says “Update is being downloaded… Do not turn the device off!”

I think it’s time to re-flash the SD-card, if power cycling doesn’t fix the issue.

Anything more to this than just working through the same “initial setup” steps I did the first time? Anything different about setting up RoPieee on an SD card that isn’t factory new?

Nope, since it’s being wiped anyways - just the usual steps, like in guide for beginners

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