Problem with how Roon displays information about tracks in Tidal Classical Box Sets

I am currently playing the Rostropovich: Cellist of the Century 40 CD box set (Warner Classics) from Tidal through Roon.

However, I find the information on display for individual tracks to be inadequate.

For example, I am playing the “Cello Concerto No. 2 in B-Flat Major, H. 436”. However, nowhere in the display is any information as to who is the Composer and which artists are playing on each track. I feel that it is essential to show this information. Note that I am looking at the tracks on this box set which are part of a playing queue.



@steveoat87 Hi Bruce, TIDAL does not provide us with composer information at an album or track level. This means that we have to figure out which, if any, albums from our other metadata providers match TIDAL’s albums. Often, we make the match and can provide rich metadata including composers at the track level, but where we can’t make a match, either because the non-TIDAL metadata doesn’t exist, or because the metadata fool our equivalence algorithms, then we have no rich metadata to add.

We are currently embarking on a major overhaul of our metadata systems; not only will we be introducing better equivalence algorithms, but the new backend architecture will lend itself to an arbitrary number of additional metadata sources, including user generated content. Nothing ever arrives as quickly as we would like, but we believe that down the line, this will solve most, if not all, of the metadata problems that we face today.