Problem with missing link from songs to compositions following latest database update

**Core Machine **

Roon Server: Mac Mini (Late 2014) / Mac OS 10.15.7 / Roon version 1.7 build 710
Roon Client: Macbook Pro (16 inch 2019) / Mac OS 10.15.7 / Roon Version 1.7 build 710

**Network Details **

xfinity comcast wifi

**Audio Devices **

Mac Mini USB -> Peachtree Audio Nova 500 integrated amp -> Magnepan MG .7 speakers

Description Of Issue

I am noticing several issues after the most recent update of the Roon database. When I started Roon today it said there would be a short delay while it installed a data base update. After Roon started, I noticed that on several of my albums some songs were no longer linked to the compositions. That is, clicking on the song, the pop up menu no longer includes the option “Go to Composition.”

I’ve been doing some cleanup lately to the my local data, merging compositions, adding or correcting composers on songs, so I know for sure compositions previously in my collection that I previously edited are no longer showing up as compositions. The songs are there, just not linked to the compositions.

  1. Could this have happened from the database update? As a consequence, I seem to have about 100 fewer composers listed in my collection now than I did just before the update of the database earlier today.

  2. In general, is there a way for the user to fix the case where songs are not linked to a composition? There seem to be a good number of such cases where the album is identified and some of its songs are linked to compositions, but some are not.

Thank you.

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