Problem with NAD and MQA

Hi all,

I started with Roon and am really enjoying it. However, I have an issue which I hope someone can help me with. It’s probably just a set-up issue on my side. I’m running Roon on my PC and am streaming it to many devices, but the issue lies in streaming Tidal MQA files to my NAD T777. When I stream from the BlueSound app, I get the full MQA quality. So an 192 kHz album plays back at 192 kHz, which I can see on my amplifier. Streaming the exact same album from Roon, results in 48 kHz. I set up my amp as ‘Decoder and Renderer’. Attached the signal path Roon is showing me:

Any idea’s what I’m doing wrong? Or is this expected behaviour?

Thanks for any input!

On my bluesound node 2 I let Roon do the first unfold and have Roons MQA decoder swithed on and the Bluesound is set to renderer only. This works for me.

@Robert_Sanders I also have a NAD T777v3 and have it set to MQA render only.

Thanks Guys, setting to Renderer did the trick!

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