Problem with new NUC only having HDMI out but old firmware that doesn't work with HDMI

Hi all,

This is not really a Roon problem, but it is my experience today with trying to get Roon onto a NUC. I wonder whether anyone else has had this problem?

I was excited to receive a SimplyNUC 7i7DNFE Fanless NUC today. I ordered it without OS because I knew I was going to install Roon ROCK OS. On booting to the BIOS in order to update the BIOS (by booting with the update on a USB drive) I was able to install the BIOS update successfully, according to the messages on the screen. I am using the screen of my Sony Bravia TV via the HDMI port. There is no other way to display video as far as I know. The messages on the screen in that first menu were intermittent and flickering. This is a known issue with the NUC apparently, an issue with the HDMI drivers. So I looked for the HDMI driver update and found that the installer relies on having windows. I believe you need windows on the device itself. Had I know this, I would have ordered it with Windows installed, updated the firmware using the installer (assuming that one could actually achieve that given the problem with the display), and then installed ROCK and either beforehand wiping Windows or by installing ROCK, wiping Windows.

For me (and anyone else out there?) it has been frustrating to receive a device that is not fit for purpose. Does anyone have any comments or advice?

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If anyone sees this and it is relevant, I solved the problem by sidestepping it. I bought an HDMI to VGA adapter and borrowed a neighbour’s old VGA monitor. Display issue did not occur, so I was able to make adjustments to the BIOS as stipulated in the Roon instructions. I’ll make another post about these instructions being a little ambiguous.

Yeah, I’ve run into trouble hooking a PC up to a Sony.
It’s the differing refresh rates, or something.
Flat screens aren’t necessarily meant to support PC connections.

Good you solved the frustration.
How is the new NUC?


Good to share the pain. The new NUC is really very cool indeed. It may be placebo, but I really do think I can hear a marked improvement in sound quality when listening to music from Tidal->NUC->DAC compared to Tidal->Sonos->DAC - even from the same streaming source. I bought a NAS and it took several hours to check disk integrity but have just now listened to my first music stored locally on the network (via Ethernet) to the NUC, to the DAC. Really lovely and I believe I can hear a greater dynamic range.

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