Problem with new tags

Problem with new tags

Hello all, I have started to create my own tags. When I click on the individual in the Tags section, it shows me 6 albums. I have each album in my library and tagged with heart and set to best quality.

For one thing, in the overview of albums, it only shows me the better quality set for some then not others. Why?

And secondly, it does the same with some albums that also have the tag actually as a marker and yet not displayed when I am for example in the overview my albums and click on the desired day

What am I doing wrong?


Hello @Ansgar_Schumann,

Thanks for getting in touch about this. We’d love to help!

To make sure we can do just that, I’d like to make sure we understand correctly what the issue is: you have created a tag (New in 2021) and you have applied that tag to 6 albums.

If you navigate to the Tags section, you see all 6 albums, but if you go to the Albums view, only three albums seem to have that tag?

You also seem to see different versions of the album. While there are multiple factors determining which version (quality) of an album is displayed, you can select the one you want displayed if you click on the Versions tab when you’re viewing an album and click on Make Primary Version for the one you prefer. Roon will always display the version you’ve chosen.

Please, let me know if I missed anything :pray:

Hello Rebekah,

Thank you very much for your answer.
All correctly reproduced.

I have selected 6 albums that I rediscovered in 2021, some still purchased in iTunes because I just switched to Roon a week ago.

For each album, I put it in my library and marked it as a heart favorite. Then saved the tag “New in 2021” and last clicked the best version as the main version.

After that I wanted to test if I can select this tag in the view “All my albums” and it then shows me only the 6 albums and I can then select other selection via the focus function.

The result is not logical and completely arbitrary, as visible in the 2 images.

What am I doing wrong? Is there a specific order that needs to be followed? I am completely at a loss.

Kind regards from Ansgar