Problem with own Tidal playlist that doesn't update in Roon

I have a lot of custom playlists in Tidal that I made. I specifically problem with one of them where no new music will be added in the same playlist in Roon. Roon shows 107 songs but there is 119. How can We solve this.?

I’m running Roon on the latest Mac mini with updated OSX.

Are you able to identify a song or two that are missing in Roon? If you can link me to the songs that are missing, we’ll try to reproduce this and see what’s going on.


Hi Mike!
It’ll ways the new song at the bottom. Tidal ads the latest added song at the end. So if you have 97 songs and add 1 new that is going to be no 98 in bottom of the list. Check the pictures and you have all songs below 107 are not added the the same playlist in Roon.

Just sent you a PM with instructions for getting us some logs – we’ll take a look once you’ve sent them and figure out what’s going on here.