Problem with playback to microrendu

I’m having a similar issue. My “roon endpoints” were grouped and I was getting errors trying to play any of them. I ungrouped them and found that the others work just fine. Only the Microrendu doesn’t work.

Here’s my setup:

Roon Core: Mac Mini 2.3 Ghz quad core i7 with 16mb or RAM
Networking: Asus RT-AC87R router with Spectrum 400MB connection. Zyzel Powerline adaptors are used to connect the router to MacMini and to MicroRendu.
Audio Devices (Main HT): MacMini is connected via USB to Peachtree 24/196 converter to optical which feeds Cary Cinema 12 PrePro (DAC in the Processor)
Audio Devices (Bedroom): Sonore Microrendu connected via ethernet to Zyzel Powerline adaptor. MicroRendu is connected via USB directly to Lyngdorf TDAI 2170 (internal DAC in Lyngdorf)
Audio Devices (Office): PC running Roon client connected to Peachtree M24 via USB
Audio Devices (Kitchen/Dining Room/Living Room/Bedroom): Chromecast devices that are grouped.
Library: 8.69GB Library is on Drobo Mini connected via firewire to MacMini. Tidal subscriptions as well.

This was working fine until a few days ago and I’m not aware of any software updates that have been done. Everything else seems to be working fine. I can still stream to chromecast devices and I can play music everywhere EXCEPT to my microrendu/lyngdorf. I can still stream music to the lyngdorf via chromecast so clearly it’s not a networking issue between the devices.

I’ve attempted multiple restarts of the MacMini, Roon, and the Microrendu. I even did a firmware upgrade on the Lyngdorf while I was at it.

When trying to stream to the MR/Lyngdorf it looks as if it’s trying to connect, then moves on the next track.

Please advise if I need to put this in a separate thread.

Hi @Eric_Taylor,

Can you share a screenshot of Device setup to this zone? Can you share a screenshot of the error you’re receiving as well?

If you connect a different USB device to the MicroRendu as a test does that device work or do you experience the same issue?

Thanks for the prompt response. I ended up “ungrouping” all my devices in Roon (including my chomecast devices) and removed the mR completely. Then I added the mR again and everything seems to work properly again.

Appreciate your assistance and love your product!

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