Problem with player

I have installed roon and i have installed roon bridge.
They are both running.
But i am not able to see my streamer player.
They are linked to my mac by ethernet.
I also have a nas. All is linked by a rooter.
In the audio options i see only device with airplay function

Hi, @Stefano_Donati, thanks for the report, could you please describe your setup following the instruction that are written here?



Ok i’ll try

I have the latest versione of Roon, just downloaded the trial version 3 hours ago.
I have an IMac with the latest version of Osx, OS X Sierra.

I have stored my music on a Nas and partially direct on my Imac.

I use a Rooter where i have linked by Ethernet the Nas, the imac and two network player: an Arcam cd27 and a Pioneer n50a.

Normally i use the software JRiver and JRemote to play and organize Music.

I have even installed roon bridge.

The issue.

I am not able to use the network Players.
I can’t see them in the section audio.
I can only see the airplay section of Pioneer n50a and an Apple TV that i have

Thanks for the info, @Stefano_Donati! Since you have an all-in-one setup on Mac, you probably don’t need a Roon Bridge, more info here if you haven’t read this article yet :slight_smile:

Do you mean that on this tab you’re not able to see your Arcam cds27 device? By the way, am I right that your able to stream to Arcam cds27 from JRiver?



You’re right in every aspect.

I’m not able to see arcam or pioneer in audio setting label but in the meanwhile i can use arcarm or pioneer with jriver (by ethernet).

I have read the article that you have indicated and it is the reason why i have installed roon bridge.

Pay attention that i have installed roon bridge only after i have experienced i couldn’t see arcam without it

And i have discovered that even with roon bridge the system doesn’t work

Hi, @Stefano_Donati, apologies for the delay. I am sorry to say this, I did a little research and found out that your Arcam cds27 uses DLNA which is unsupported by Roon. That’s unfortunately the reason why you cannot see your device as the networked zone.

You mentioned that:

I can only see the airplay section of Pioneer n50a and an Apple TV that i have

But then you said:

I’m not able to see arcam or pioneer in audio setting label

Just to be clear do you seen Pioneer in your audio tab or not?



Hi Ivan
Yes i can see Pioneer but only as AirPlay device.
So can’t send to it files by Ethernet and listen Hd format as Dsd or flac.

At this point i think Pioneer has the same problem of Arcam.
I use it with DLNA

It’s a pity
Roon was an interesting product.
But can’t use it.

Sorry to hear that, @Stefano_Donati, and apologies for the troubles here.


Thank you very much for your kindly help Ivan.

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