Problem with Qobuz, lots of songs missing

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Synology DSM 6.1.5-15254

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Description Of Issue

A lot of songs from Qobuz are missing in room, saying “not available” whereas they available when I connect directly on Qobuz player.
For example:

Album Suspiria from Tom Yhorke, song Suspirium is not playable on Roon. It is on Qobuz directly.
Album The Memory Machine from Julia Stone, song This Love is not playable on Roon, it is on Qobuz!

I can give you dozens of examples…
Sometimes it’s only few songs on an album, sometimes only fews song and not the entire album…

I pay a high price for both Roon and Qobuz and I want it to works perfectly, but it’s not the case since few months!!

Please help


Hi Laurent

It seems you have a very bizar problem at hand.

I just check the 2 examples you gave, and songs are availble and playing fine in Roon (from Qobuz).
Just to complete, I live in Belgium (as distributing rights can be different per country)

When you try to play the songs are you getting the ‘unavailble’ as an error message, or is unavailibility alraedy in the track list itself, as in a prerelease, see this example:

(the ‘Prerelease’ tag is my own)

I have also seen that for the 2 examples there are 2 album versions available at Qobuz.
Have you tried to play the ‘ptoblem’ songs from another version, just a a test?


Hi Dirk,

I live next to you, in France. Don’t think its a distrubuting rights problem because sometimes only one song won’t play.

In my playlist it’s “unavailable” and when I look for the album it only skips the track, without displaying anything…

Do you think I should reinstall everything (Core and pc/ipad player)?

Have you tried to play another Qobuz version?
Is it always the same songs giving these problems?

I surely would investigate a little further, and ask advice at Roon support.
Just re-installing is not going to cut it I’am afraid.

Funny now Julia Stone’s song is playing now.
When I click on the album from the playlist, song doesn’t play. If I look for Julia Stone and click on the album: the song play!!
But I still have some songs missing like: album Cognitive from Soen, song Oscillation.
Either I click on the band name and then on album, song doesn’t play.

Can you check on your side please?

With me the song is playing fine , but I click play on the track itself.
I have the impression that you play the full album, and then have that particular song not playing.


Hi @Laurent_NAVARRO,

These albums look okay on my end as well — Can you share a screenshot of what you’re seeing?


Plays fine here (I live in Austria).

Plays fine here as well

Playing no problem.

Song Oscillation still won’t play when I’m on the album page. But if I search the song and play it directly is plays!
It’s crazy, there is something wrong…

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