Problem with ripping/importing 2nd CD of double albums

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Anthology of American Folk Music from Smithonian Folkways Recording

Have you made any edits to this content in Roon?


Is the album identified in Roon?

Unidentified (any 2nd CD of the three double albums, see explanation below)

Is this content from local files, TIDAL, or Qobuz?

Ripped CD

Screenshot of import settings

I haven’t change anything since I installed roon

Description of the issue

I tried to rip and import CDs from the Anthology of American Folk Music from Smithonian Folkways Recording. It is split in three section (Ballads, Social Music, Songs) with 2 cds (A and B) in each section. Roon recognizes the first cd (A) in each section (at least for Ballads and Social Music, I haven’t tried Songs yet), but is not able to find any information for the second CD (B) - unknown artist, to info on trackes etc. I tried it several times, but without success.

This is almost certainly because no metadata has been provided by the Label issuing the recording. I’m afraid you’ll have to add the metadata manually, either by using a 3rd party tag editor or (more painfully) using Roon’s editing tools.

Not sure what you’re ripping / tagging with pre-import.

For me the most successful combination (on Mac) has been XLD, adding metadata for unknown CDs from musicbrainz URLs. I recall this as a CD I entered manual metadata for and then searched through forever till I found it. Merging with the already identified CD1 and then assigning disc #s was the trick. But either way the previous poster was right, getting good metadata first is the right call.

You can find the URLs for each of the CDs (which are complicated because they are 2 CDs to each volume) at the url below. If you put the URLs into XLDs “fetch metadata from url” I think I C recall you’ll have a good result).

If you’re using EAC or dbpoweramp or another tool I think this requires more manual work, but it is identifiable. All 6 CDs are identified as part of the same album, so once you get them all merged and disc #s set up correctly it should work.

Thanks a lot, it looks as if EAC can identify it coorectly also also all of the 6 CDs belonging to one album. I was hoping that Roon could manage it directly without ripping the CDs via EAC and copying to my library. Normally I can link a CD drive vis USB to the prime mini, where the Roon core is running and the CD is ripped and automatically added to my Roon LIbrary - this is really convenient and I love it. But anyway, as long as it works…

Hey @Markus_Schoene!

Harry Smith’s Anthology of American Folk Music is one of my all-time favorite sets - and arguably one of the most influential music collections ever released.

Here’s what you need to do:

Make sure that the set is organized on your hard-drive as described in this article from our help center

Then rescan the album in Roon. To do that:

  1. click the ellipsis button on the album page
  2. then click edit
  3. scroll down until you see Rescan album

If the album isn’t identified after Rescan

  1. click the ellipsis button on the album page
  2. click edit
  3. then click Identify album
  4. click None of these look right
  5. then search for the set exactly as shown in the screenshot below
  6. click the set and ensure that the track order is correct
  7. click save

That should get you fixed up

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So, this is totally fair. As usual @jamie is steering you correctly and in detail.

I’m saying I prefer to have the metadata correct pre-Roon, but that’s your call entirely. If all you care about is that it’s correct in Roon, @jamie has provided a simpler path!

Good luck!

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Hey @Johnny_Ooooops, I agree completely. Having a solid metadata foundation to start is my preference as well.

Since Markus preferred a solution that didn’t require re-ripping the discs, I recommended this method. The set is well annotated in our index (ah, the benefits of Smith-Folk being a division of the Library of Congress :wink:) once Roon knows what it is, he’ll be ready to dive into what Greil Marcus called music of “the old, weird America

First of all I want to thank you, I am very impressed with the quick feedback and all the support you have offered! Even if it may have something to do with the mention of the right music… :wink: No kidding I’m just ripping the last CD by hand (EAC), but will try the way Jamie recommended next time if there are problems again. Basically I agree with you about the importance of correct metadata. I just haven’t had the problem so far, as I had already ripped and edited my entire CD collection with EAC and MP3tag before importing it into Roon as I have strated with roon last summer. And for individual CDs, the direct import via CD drive in Roon worked so far without problems. Nevertheless, thanks again for your support!

Quite. Roon displays a large number of duplicate artists for this set. One prominant example is “The Carter Family” who are repeated on several tracks but there are many others:

My experience is that “equivalencing” of artists has been getting steadily worse in recent releases. Is there a reason for that?

I too adore this album. I probably wouldn’t have answered if I hadn’t loved the example at hand :slight_smile:

Also check out Alan Lomax blues songbook, classic labor songs frmo Smithsonian Folkways, and American Roots Collection (also smithsonian folkways). But you probably know those already :slight_smile:

Hey @Tony_Casey,

I didn’t encounter any equivalence issues when I checked them, are you preferring your own file tags for the set? I examined all the links in the three compilation versions we have in our index - The Carter Family, A.P. Carter, Mother Maybelle Carter, and Sara Carter all mapped to the top-level canonical entry for the performer/group in all cases.

Even the expanded eight-disc, 112 track version on Mississippi Records that includes Harry Smith’s Vol. 4 addendum is accurate.

This sounds like a local library issue. Try rescanning your set using the directions I posted above, then use the album identifier to find the version that matches your collection and use that metadata. That should correctly restore your Carter Family links in Roon. :+1:t2:

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I would say that I had followed your procedure in the first place when uploading the set the first time around as I cannot think of any other way of doing it. But just incase I removed it, cleaned library and reuploaded and re-identified according to your procedure. It makes no difference.

My tags are very straightforward for this album. So on disc 2 there is a Carter Family track. I only picked The Carter Family as an example as I would consider them standard repertoire for this type of roots Folk but there are similar issues througout this set with other more obscure artists and it is also an issue I am finding quite frequently in other genres. My tags look like this:

But in roon “The Carter Family” is duplicated. Those are both functioning links but they have different album art, bios and discographies:

Directly below, you can see that The Williamson Brothers and Curry are also duplicated. This is what I mean when I say that the duplication of The Carter Family is not an isolated example. The second Willliamson (not mine), is misspelt with 3 letter “l’s”. One of the Curry’s is contemporay Pop/Rock and the other one is likely the correct one as it is Blues.

Again my tags are very straightforward and look like this:

It is almost as if roon is picking tags from two different meta-data suppliers, presumably so that the gaps in one plug the gaps in the other. Maybe this happens sometimes but what I see a lot of the time is duplicates instead. For me, this has been getting a lot worse in recent releases.

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Then right on queue I try adding the following album from Qobuz:

Both Gringolt Quartet links are working links. Even the bio on the Gringolts String Quartet version of the name says that both names are used:

Have they come from two different metada data sources? I have given up reporting duplicates and equivalencing issues such as this as they are just too frequent. Usually I just merge the two artist names but this is a frequent occurance and ofcourse only fixes the problem in my roon. For me there has been a marked increase in duplicate artists and equivalencing issuses for several releases now.

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