Problem with ROCK after updating [resolved]

Hi @olfu,

Can you give some additional details about your ROCK device?

Can you also connect to a monitor or TV via HDMI and send us a picture of the display?


It is an Intel NUC i3 (~5 months old). After attaching the monitor, there was no output. Long pressed the power button and started again to get the kernel panic.

Recover from does not work. When doing the recover: It does not show up the boot drive Transcend 128 GB (but shown in bios). I’m just able to select my 500GB Samsung EVO media SSD.

can you tell me the model of your transcend?

Danny do you have everything that you need from me re the hardware?

We still can not reproduce this issue, using the exact hardware you have (but i have the 128GB). We also see others in the wild with the exact hardware that are working just fine.

We have an idea of what it could be. Please see this post from Dylan if you want to beta-test a fix:

I’ll try it as long as you promise that my Rock will not spontaneously combust. :slight_smile:

Same here and same situation, to eager to update and find out about the new features…

the only new feature is NUC10 support.

Why force an upgrade on everyone at the same time? Particularly when most people won’t need it? If I could go back to 2019 until the problem is figure out I would have been happy. Also by updating more slowly it gives you guys time to find issues without 20 or 30 of us plaguing you at one time. Just a suggestion.

except the thousands that would be bugging us because they didnt get the update when their buddies did.

It is a TS128GMTE110S

i have that same system w/ that same ssd in it, and i cant reproduce… @dylan, please let @olfu try out the new beta

Yeah. I guess users are a pain in the…bass section that way. :slight_smile:

Hi Danny, I read this in the release notes:
“Improvements and Bug Fixes for Build 571:
Better loading status for the devices waking up”
Hoping that my Tab S3 would reconnect without needing to reboot it every 2nd day in the morning when trying to reconnect…

PM sent @olfu

that’s Roon, not Roon OS (ROCK)

Yup I see that too now, just to quick and eager to get the blue screen update now out of my way :roll_eyes:

Anyway, I left my laptop in my office, no music for us anymore till tomorrow evening when I’ll hope getting it up and running. My wife will be happy to switch back to Spotify on Yamaha Musiccast instead of Qobuz on Roon.

No change with 225 recovery disk :frowning: