Problem with Roon and scaling settings

I am having the same trouble. If my scaling is set to 100 this problem goes away. But the scale is too small for my 58" TV. At the recommended setting of 300% it looks good on my screen but Roon scaling error comes back.
Not sure what the solution would be.
Also FYI ALT+TAB works to cycle between the full screen ROON and others. Just the windows key will bring up start and task bar.

Hi @birban59,

You can set the scaling options for just Roon using these instructions. Let us know if this helps!

@dylan, any update on this issue. I have a brand new Thinkpad X1 with 4k display. The solution above does not work. If I change windows 10 scaling from 300% to 250% all is well…however my desktop icons are considerably smaller and difficult to work with.

just following up here…when scaling is set at 285 through custom scaling, behavior of roon remote is normal. for me the compromise on the sizing of my desktop icons is livable. would be nice if 4k screens were better accomodated as this is a growing format

I originally thought this solution helped but it turned out to be something else that fixed it temporarily. Mainly I leave it maxed. A bit of a pain to access other windows but I don’t really use the NUC desktop much. I use my phone to control Roon mainly.
One thing that fixes temporarily is to access Roon from my desktop pc which is no longer my Roon core. When I bring up the NUC it is magically in a window. :thinking:

more follow up. the instructions provided above by @Dylan do in fact work. Important to edit the properties of roon.exe and not a shortcut to it.

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