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Stupid template above.

I have had generally excellent service from Roon for my Kef LS50 speakers. However today for first time the Roon does not pick up the Kef speakers.

This applies after switching both off and rebooting and also checking with other remotes. Kef has vanished off. However, Kef still works though the app and thus seems to be a Roon issue.

Other’s have complained about this, and it has returned when powering off and then on the LS50s

I have this issue withy Sonos and I have to reboot my Roon Core and they come back.

Apologies if you have already done this

I had this exact issue last week. The solution for me was to power down the Roon Core and then restart. Make sue that the KEF are turned on when you do that so that Roon can pick them up on restart. Hope that helps.

Thanks I haven’t rebooted the core. But strange as other sources in House all ok
Will try it now

Sometimes discovery is flakey on Roon (that’s the Sonos issue and Meridian as well).
I quick app restart and usually all good

Michael, I tried all those quick restarts and nothing worked until I hard rebooted my Core. Like I said, I had this exact issue last week with those same speakers.

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John that’s interesting, I almost never restart the Core, but good to know that it works in this case. I will bare that in mind.

I have certainly remember people with LSX having to power them down completely to get them working I. Roon after dropping off.

Thanks trying the core

Great now works perhaps window update was the issue but fine now thanks


Glad I could help. Wish I knew why it happened in the first place.

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