Problem with Roon installer

Core Machine

Audiolinux headless; first or second generation i7 on ASUS Sabertooth x79 mobo with 32 GB of RAM.

Network Details

Ubiquiti Unify network; core and remote both on ethernet

Audio Devices


Description of Issue

Ran the Roon installer for PC on a NUC5i3RYK with a fresh Windows 10 Pro N install. When it or I try to open Roon, it gives me the “missing codecs” message and opens a browser window to the wiki. I thought that was only for ROCK? I’m just trying to install Roon on my home-office PC (the Roon server is running on a separate PC), but it won’t open. I tried to install the “missing codecs,” but the appropriate directory does not seem to exist after the Roon install.

I started figuring this out as soon as I typed “Windows 10 Pro N.” The “N” means that no media stuff (audio player, skype, etc.) is installed as part of windows (it’s an option required by the EU, I think). I guess Roon expects to see the codecs where they normally live in Windows. They weren’t there. I added the media feature in Windows and also added an “ffmpeg” folder to my C: drive that contained the ffmpeg download ROCK requires. That has fixed the problem. I don’t know if I needed to install the media features in Windows for the fix to work. I have a feeling that just adding the ffmpeg folder would have done the trick. If any of you experience this and can answer that question, please post here. Thanks much, and sorry about the premature support ticket post.

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