Problem with Roon playing MQA

@support. With minimal IT knowledge, am running Roon with a Windows 10 laptop, an Auralic Aries streamer and a Mytek Brooklin Dac+. Tidal HiFi is my sole source of music. Roon is working, but won’t recognize MQA when streaming the Tidal Masters series, as opposed to when I use the Lightning/Auralic app.
How can I make Roon recognize MQA?

Hi, what you are asking is slightly ambiguous. Are you saying you cannot find MQA tracks when looking in Roon or that you play them and your DAC isn’t doing what you expect it to do?

I can play the MQA tracks but my DAC doesn’t appear to recognize them as MQA.

OK, that means the information isn’t being preserved between Roon and the DAC. There are two possible settings in Roon you can use but the unknown quantity is how the Auralic is setup. I think it needs to be setup to pass what it sees bit perfect. Thus if you set Roon to see the endpoint as Renderer only or Decoder and Renderer then the DAC should get the right signal.

Thank you Henry, will try

Hello @Covington_Sharp,

The Auralic Aries does not currently recognize MQA streams through non Lightning DS sources.

For the best performance, leave the device set to “No MQA Capabilities” in Device Setup and allow Roon to perform the first unfold on MQA content. If you want to take it a step further, you can then approximate what the Auralic device is doing to the MQA content (since it is not a genuine MQA device) by enabling Roon’s DSP Engine Sample Rate Conversion with the setting Max PCM Rate (Power of 2).


Thanks John, but unfortunately you are talking calculus to a short-division student… Can you suggest a streamer that recognizes MQA streams through Roon? Am trying to maximize the Tidal experience.

The Allo DigiOne is worth considering. It was compared to the Aries by Darko and will support PCM up to 192k, DSD up to DSD64 DOP. This will pass the MQA stream to your Brooklyn.

A USB transport will give you full range up to 384k, 32bit PCM, native DSD
up to DSD256, but I don’t have first hand experience of a good USB transport. The USBridge is often mentioned in the forum.

Hello @Covington_Sharp,

My apologies, I misread your post! You should be able to stream MQA to your Mytek Brooklyn DAC+ when connected to the Aries using Roon. Let’s try and figure out what’s going on!

  1. Open the Device Setup screen for the Auralic zone and set the MQA capabilities to “Decoder and Renderer”
  2. Make sure that you have “Software Volume Control” disabled in in Lightning DS app.

Let me know if this works for you! My apologies for the confusion!


Excellent! Thanks both

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