Problem with Roon Radio and Tidal

My Roon Radio is limited to my library although I marked differently in the settings. And there is a problem with Tidal also.

Same here.
I started to like it but than this bug.

It’s because of the Google issue as stated in the banner at the top of the page.

Just wait a bit and it will all come back.

I have a similar problem today. All songs from the Tidal suddenly stopped - no one is able to play until the end. And Roon Radio doesn’t work at all.

Uptade: few minutes later it seems to work again. But what is going on? Is this problem related to yesterday’s problem and how often will it happen again?

Hi @Marcin_Pacyna,

There was a Google Cloud Platform outage yesterday that affected our services. This issue has since been resolved, and there are no ongoing issues that we are aware of with our Roon Radio services.

Yesterday’s issues were likely related to the outage, but this morning’s issues were likely a separate issue. If you continue seeing any issues let us know and we’ll be happy to help investigate!

Thank you. Now it seems to be ok.

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Hey @Carlos_Francisco_Cec and @Marcin_Pacyna, glad things are working for you again! Please let us know if you have further issues in the future, we’re happy to help!

Hello. My Roon Radio is restricted to my library again, but I haven’t matched that option. Could you help me please?

Hi again. I have just figured it out by myself. There is a DSD album in my library I bougth and Roon can’t identify it - and when I play this album, there is an information: “We can’t find anything similiar” and from that moment Roon Radio is restricted only to my library.

Hello @Marcin_Pacyna, that’s an awesome find! If you right-click the album, choose Edit, and try to manually identify the album are you able to get it working? Also, if the album is unidentified, it makes sense that Roon Radio isn’t able to find similar content. Were you able to start radio from other (identified) albums? You can learn more about Roon Radio here.

I was trying to identify album but this operation failed. And yes, I am able to start radio from other (identified) albums.