Problem with Roon resetting volume on Apogee Duet

I’m having problems with Roon resetting the voume on my Apogee Duet Firewire. This happens if I move the Duet volume control after playback has started, then click in the playback progress bar to move to a different part of the track. The volume then jumps back to the level set before I moved the Apogee knob. It sometimes happens at the start of a new track as well.

In output settings, I have ‘Use Exclusive Mode’ checked and Fixed Volume unchecked. I tried Fixed Volume but this was much worse as Roon set the Apogee volume to maximum on playback start or when moving to a different part of of a track. Not good when you’re wearing headphones!

This might become less of a problem when the remote app appear, but in the meantime can you help at all?

Hi @chrisbyrd – sorry to have missed this and left you without an answer for so long.

This is a tricky case, as it sounds like volume changes made using the Duet hardware are not being communicated back to Roon, so when you seek we reset the volume.

This is going to be hard to fix without us having the hardware in front of us, but one thing that would be helpful would be to know if any other apps handle this more sensibly. Have you seen any other apps (preferably similar audio players, as opposed to studio/pro apps) that handle this better and register the hardware volume changes in software?

Keep in mind that this other app must be using Exclusive mode, since that decouples the OSX volume slider from the device, and lets the app take control of the hardware directly. If another app is able to keep the hardware knob and the software slider in sync, that will be a good start and we can definitely look into this further.

Hi Mike,

Thanks for the reply. I use Audirvana+ in Exclusive access mode and with the volume control option set to software only. This does decouple the hardware knob and the software slider in A+, but (not very logically) allows you to control the volume with either. Moving to a different part of the track doesn’t reset the volume though.

Now I’ve used Roon more though, this isn’t really causing me a problem as I’ve got used to setting a volume level with the Duet’s knob then controlling the volume in Roon. Once the iOS remote appears I’ll mostly control Roon from my iPad.

So, thanks again for the reply, but don’t worry too much about this.