Problem with s/pdif output from M-Audio soundcard (no sound)

I can provide a lot more details if requested but the basic problem is this.

I am connecting an M-Audio 2496 soundcard via s/pdif coaxial to the dac in my amp. If I choose the M-Audio WASAPI s/pdif device within Roon I get sound. Volume can be controlled by the DSP option. However, the sample rate remains at whatever I have it set for manually in the soundcard control panel. This defeats the purpose of Roon for me. I need it to switch from red book to high res automatically.

If I select the M-Audio Asio driver, the sample rate switches automatically but although the soundcard control panel shows output activity, no sound is going through the s/pdif output so I can’t hear anything.

I can provide screenshots of the Roon configuration screen and the two different sound card displays, (the one that works and the one that doesn’t). But perhaps someone who is familiar with the old (but popular) M-Audio pci cards has a suggestion first.


My soundcard control panel was incorrectly set up. Once I turned levels up for the s/pdif output to the mixer, the asio driver correctly controlled the sample rate.

Hi @Ron_Ross ---- Thank you for the report and sharing your feedback with us!

Moving forward, I wanted to check in with you on the above and see how things have been holding since making the mentioned adjustment(s) to your sound card.

Thanks again!

All good. Thanks for the follow up.

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Very glad to hear @Ron_Ross!

Happy listening!

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