Problem with site certificates

So, the guy that was in charge of making sure the certificates were up to date, he left the company?

Really bush league. What about all the people who didn’t get on to the forum who were confronted with this problem? Not a very good advertisement for Roon’s competence.

It’s happened to the likes of Microsoft before. These things happen from time to time. It was resolved quickly so nothing really to shout about :slight_smile:


Its unfortunate but these things happen.
Maybe they weren’t measuring what they thought they were measuring and didn’t get an alert. Or maybe they forget to measure it.
Either way, this happens to all Ops at some point. I’m pretty sure they are on top of it now though.

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It has even happened to one of the big companies that sells certificates. No, it doesn’t look good but sh** happens…

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Sorry, not good excuses. Roon’s product depends on their servers. Roon’s product is their servers.

It looks bad and is yet another annoyance.

You’re right. They should just turn out the light and file for bankruptcy. Makes perfect sense.

There’s no need to take a sarcastic attitude.

Why? It’s a good match for your attitude…

For a fresh example:

It’s a massive job to monitor all certs in businesses today. That’s just objective reality.

That may be, but is it a massive job for any one company to keep track of its own certificates?

BTW, I changed the thread title to something less provocative.

This thread was split off from another thread, so I didn’t have anything to do with the title.

To the @moderator who split it off - totally uncalled for title.

It’s not easy and it is not hard. But it is a process that makes it easy for renewals to fall through the cracks. You can bet that Roon will adopt some new procedures or at the very least do a better job of following the ones currently in place. Again, it’s not the end of the world.

My point.

No one is referencing the end of the world, except you.

Ask anyone who works in Ops. Yes. its a massive job.

That was me, the title was a copy/past from the first line in your post …

I could argue it was a totally uncalled for first line of post, also you hijacked someone’s support topic and that why it was split out.

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The problem is that by splitting it out and titling it as you did, it was (unintentionally) made to seem much more cutting than it originally was when it was just one simple comment in reply to your post that the certificate problem was fixed.

Still don’t understand how re-certification fell thru the cracks. That’s what task lists and calendars are for, but not worth any more back and forth.

This I agree with and iirc it’s not the first time this has happened.

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Some things happen and are unavoidable. When they do, you fix them and apologize. However, something such as an expired certificate should never happen. How hard is it mark this on a calendar and assign a couple people to make sure it gets updated? I have the same reaction when people complain about Roon requiring a credit card for a trial. They say they might “forget” to cancel in time. No excuse for “forgetting.” Go buy yourself a pencil and paper if necessary.

Looks like they are using free Let’s Encrypt certificates. Let’s Encrypt certificates expire after just a few months. But, they have utilities to keep them automatically updated/refreshed. I guess, though, like most software including roon, it doesn’t work 100% reliably. Maybe 99.99% of the time, but pretty bad timing for the .01% sometimes.