Problem with starting a new song from other album


I’m having a problem starting music, especially when i’m listening to a playlist, for example. Then the songs go from one album to another and this often doesn’t work. Then appears at the bottom: "audio device setup failed. I stream via roon qobus. But when I stream qobus via webplayer there is no problem at all. Can you guys help me figure out what this problem could be?
My setup is:
Music server: Ppastudio (Paul Pang) FC5
Dac: perfectwave directstream dac
Amplifire: Hegel H360
The problem also arises when I use the integrated dac of the Hegel.
The problem started after reintalling roon when a new M2 had to be placed in the music server. When installing roon after the repair I noticed that I could no longer choose between asio or wasapi. Now I can only choose wasapi and I think I used to play through asio.

thank you very much for helping!

Johan Van Ruyssevelt

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What do you mean with moved to support?



Moved to the support category so roon support will see it.

Thank you very much! Hope they can help me.



Hi @Johan_Van_Ruyssevelt ,

Welcome to the forum and thanks for reaching out!

I haven’t heard of this server and I’m unable to find much info on it, can you please provide a link to some additional info about it?

According to our diagnostics, it looks like your Server is running Windows, so I would ensure that the proper audio drivers are installed.

Also, looking over your previous audio zone connection diagnostics, I am not seeing any ASIO zones for Hegel or Directstream as being previously enabled in Roon.

Hope this helps!

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