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A few days ago I could not start up Roon automatically. I used my username and password. The Roon logo kept pulsing. It did not work. Then I made successfully a new password. As I logged in it was the same. The logo kept pulsing. Rebeka from your organisation told me by mail, that this is technical issue. And she advised me to try it this way. I hope you can help me. My email address is [moderated]
Greetings Hans Dijkhof.

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I have removed your email address, because it is not a good idea to post this in a public forum.
Can you please fill out the template with the details of your setup and network. This information is needed for the Support team to have any chance of diagnosing and helping you with your issue. Thank you.

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Hey @HaJoMi_elacnad,

Thanks for taking the time to write in, and welcome to the community!

Roon Essentials and Roon are different products, and Essentials customers are entitled to direct support from Elac.

While we’re happy for both products to be discussed on Community, for support you will definitely want to contact Elac directly for any questions about Roon Essentials.


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