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I’m having problems with the drivers. I installed Rock on my NUC today and I’m having a problem with the drivers. I read the instructions, downloaded the drivers but I have nowhere to put them. I do not have the folder described in the installation instructions. I only have one disk in the NUC, is this the reason? The system works, Sotm 200neo and they give CA Magic 200. I don’t know what I’m losing because of the lack of these drivers. Please help.

ROCK does not need any drivers. As your ROCK already works, I suppose you mean the codecs. What you are missing without them is the ability to play mp3 and AAC files.

It doesn’t matter if you have only disk in the NUC, and the codecs go here: ROCK/Data/Codecs

Like this:

You can navigate there as described here:

Read the instructions @Suedkiez posted above.

That’s exactly what I meant but… I can’t see the NUC on the network from another computer on the network. I connect by IP and see what is in the picture. I can’t see anything else on my network. I don’t have any folders.

As you can go to the admin webpage of the NUC, as per your above screenshot where it says “Missing Codecs”, you will also be able to connect to the ROCK from your computer’s file manager:

I don’t have a data folder, I don’t have any visible folders. I have downloaded and unzipped the file, according to the instructions. I have nowhere to put them.

Clearly you a looking in the wrong place, because ROCK would not be working it there weren’t any folders on it

Look in File Manager or Network? Of course, I do it on a computer in the same network with Win

Open up a windows file browser and type \\rock or \\ipaddressofmachine. Follow the instructions posted above Then navigate to folders it says and drop in the file. You would have saved a lot of time by reading the full ROCK instal procedure as it lays it all out what you have to do.

I read the instructions 100 times. After entering the above commands in the browser’s line, the message is not found. Give it up, I’ll look for a solution myself. I never ask if he doesn’t try everything.
Thank you for your help

From Windows’ File Explorer, map a network drive using the IP of ROCK and the directory /Data. If it comes back not found then you are entering the address wrong.


Post a screen print of what you are specifying?

Also, there could be a problem with the way SMB is genned on your Windows.

It’s likely Guest access is blocked on your Windows box as the share uses it.

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Thank you for your help,

I had to log in as an administrator to win.
Thank you for your help :slight_smile:

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