Problem with TIDAL and Qobuz skipping

I am also experiencing random, irregular and intermittent skips since updating to v. 1.7. System was rock-solid prior to update.

Problem occurs streaming both Tidal and Qobuz albums as best I can tell.

Happens both with DSD upsampling on or off. When upsampling to DSD processing speed is in the 3.3 range.

Issue seems to be happening more frequently, and I have also noticed album covers seem to be a bit slower in appearing.

Until this issue, I have been very impressed with search capabilities and overall improvements in 1.7, but the skipping is making Roon unusable for me.

Core: Headless Mac mini OS 10.15.x

Router: CenturyLink Actiontec C3000A, Ethernet to Mac mini, Gigabit service

Playback Zone: Ropieee XL on Raspberry Pi 3+ via stable WiFi

I realize it is extremely difficult to find these intermittent problems, good luck!

Hi @Bob_Worley,

Is this happening for all endpoints?

If you play to System Output of a remote with no DSP is there any change?

I’ve been playing Tidal tracks this morning (Central US) with no apparent issues on two of my endpoints (not concurrently), both Raspberry Pi 3+ running Ropieee XL over WiFi with DSD upsampling enabled. I purposely have been accessing Tidal tracks because most folks have been reporting fewer issues with Tidal than Qobuz.

Just started a Qobuz album and so far, so good. I’ll continue to monitor as I am able and report back. If I have issues, I’ll try the same content per your suggestion.

Not sure if it is related, but all of my Pi endpoints are set to reboot every night, and I can’t recall any issues this morning.

I appreciate your help.

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Hi @Bob_Worley — Glad to hear that things seem to be running smoothly so far. If anything changes please let us know!

Qobuz track #1 from Rickie Lee Jones first album in CD resolution just skipped at 1:17 PM (US Central) after an hour or so of error free playback. Prior playback was mixed Qobuz and Tidal tracks from complete albums, not playlists.

Hope this gets figured out soon.


Same track skipped again on replay attempt with the “Quobuz media loading slowly…” message at 1:25 PM (US Central). Google network speed test indicates 176,9 mbps download, 240.3 mbps upload over WiFi, core is connected directly to the router via Ethernet cable. Don’t think my network is an issue.

Giving up on listening session now.


Hi @Bob_Worley,

Are you receiving this error message with every skip?

Do you receive this error every time you play that one track?

I don’t know if the message pops up at every skip since I don’t usually watch the app when I am listening to music.

I’m sorry I can’t be of more help, but since my core is headless and located next to my router and connected via Ethernet cable, I have no way to simply output to the core. My local troubleshooting is by necessity limited to logging in and out of the music delivery services, rebooting various Roon components, and reinstalling software.

Quite honestly, I’ve temporarily switched to using Audirvana, which I purchased during the Catalina debacle, for my music listening until I learn that a fix has been found from reading the forum since there are multiple threads reporting this issue. I don’t like Audirvana as much as I like Roon, but it does successfully play music. I’ve had more problems with Roon in the past several months than I’ve had since becoming a subscriber in October 2015.

I know you will get this figured out, but my HiFi listening time is limited and I don’t necessarily want to spend it troubleshooting software issues that have presented after a recent update since I’ve made no other changes on my end with equipment or network.

Thanks for your efforts, I really do appreciate your efforts and look forward to the solution and things returning back to normal operation in Roon.

I appreciate the update, @Bob_Worley. If you notice any patterns about specific types of content that seem to trigger this behavior please let us know. I also understand that your listening time is limited so in the meantime, we will continue to investigate and we’ll be sure to update everyone once we have more information.

Hey @Bob_Worley,

We just released Build 505 with some changes that we think will help here. Can you give it a shot and let us know how things are going?


More details are here:

Hi @mike,

Put on a high res Qobuz Dead & Co. album this morning and have not noticed any skipping/stoppage in nearly 3 hours of run time. So far, so good.

Also, and maybe unrelated, a couple of Qobuz albums that had showed with tracks “unavailable” now add to the library just fine. Those albums are “Chet—The Legendary Riverside Recordings by Chet Baker and Jimi Hendrix: Songs for Groovy Children.

I think you’ve got it! Thanks for the quick and thorough work to push this out before the US Thanksgiving holiday.

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